Head Shots with Michael Cinquino

A | STARTUP | STYLE office off Silvercup Studios in Hipster Brooklyn, Michael has spent years bringing the light out of hundreds of unique talents so that it may burn through their eyes in critically acclaimed head shot photographs.  ...like that one of me!

Have a seat, make yourself comfortable is how he'll start. Then ask you what it is you're looking for and what happened on Tuesday that made you miss your session, Sheru?  ...yea, thought i was 30min early, but was indeed 30min late. Let that be a lesson to always double check the itinerary.

His ceiling-to-floor glass fourth wall acts as his key-light and he uses minimal equipment from there, leaving you to test out the talents you're getting these photographs for! 

You'll learn about Michael - more than you will with most photographers, because he's open, honest, and knows that a real Artist doesn't just learn with his eyes. His tale from Chicago to Brooklyn is a story to be heard (and I'm sorry, but it's not mine to tell) which includes The US Navy, a Graduate Degree in Theater, and serving soup to Keanu Reeves. His story is so far from cliche I left without ever asking the most obvious question: how'd you get into photography? And yet, I think I can speak for the both of us when I say he and I are far more similar than either of us expected (possibly both the reincarnation of our spirit animal Freddie Mercury).

A student of Meisner himself with an IMDB to boast, Michael will direct you with character work like so, who's this guy, and show me the confident guy at the bar and what kind of watch does he wear? It was nice to feel the nostalgia of being in class again. He shows you everything he shoots before each wardrobe change, filtering out the duds as he goes. More importantly, if you're an aspiring actor he'll give you advice to help you with your career. What your strong suit is, what to avoid, and where to play your confidence. You'll leave feeling reassured, and yet eager to keep the clock running.

His turnover time is 24 hours with roughly 500 Hi-Res stills - more than you'll know what to do with, and if you request - he'll keep the goofy ones! Michael my good sir, you're an absolute pleasure to work with, thank you for reminding me to follow my instincts, and I look forward to getting together over a beer sooner than later.

To check out Michael Cinquino's work to go www.michaelcinquino.com                                       and follow him at @michaelcinquinophotography