What is L.I.M.

The Less Is More Package is for any performance artist looking to jump start their professional presence (or for any seasoned artist wanting to add a simple yet elegant project to their portfolio). These are full productions at a micro budget of $599. 

The package includes:

  • 4 hours In Studio Shoot
  • Full Lowel Lighting Kit
  • Slide / Glide Cam
  • Lavaliere / Boom Mic
  • 48 Hour Turnaround Time
  • 5 Professional Studio Photos for Social Media
  • Digital Raw Files

There are no limitations to what the project can be - a music video, interpret dance, group dance performance, time lapse canvas or sculpture art; all artists are welcome! The final piece is edited in-house and given to you in digital format the next business day, along with 5 professional stills to jump-start your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
So, ask yourself do you have something you want shot professionally inside a studio and on a budget? Well, here's your answer. What are you waiting for?!