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Do You Know Your Brand?

When you think of Jay-Z, what comes to mind? Money? Cigars? Pinstripe suits? How about Pitbull, do you think of sunglasses and yacht parties with beautiful women? Well Jay-Z is a devout father and wears denim shorts and jerseys more often than not, and Pitbull spends most of his free time operating non-profit orgs around the Hispanic nations. The Subway Food chain boasts an "eat fresh" mantra, yet more recently was on blast for using a chemical in their bread most commonly used in yoga mats!

The point I'm trying to make here is whether you're an artist, contractor, in healthcare or sales - branding is imperative. It creates an image to narrow our niche market and sell your product - be it a car, a painting, a service, or you!

Actor's Reel • $500

Having a tough time getting callbacks? Create a scene for yourself to give your portfolio is kick it needs! 5 hours on Ultra HD with a 48 hour turnaround time.

Creative Businesses • $550

Create a video that doesn't just showcase your work, but more importantly showcases your attitude. If you're in the creative field (Makeup Artist, Performance, Musician, etc) a standard shoot consist of 5 hours in a studio shot on Ultra HD Cinema with a 48 hour turnaround time.

Retail Businesses • $700

We bring the production to you and shoot at your office/store for up to 5 hours on Ultra HD with a 48hour turnaround time.